Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Use My Imagination to Change The Situation

There are very few movies/books like Persepolis and even fewer people like their creator, Marjane Satrapi. Based on her own life, Persepolis is a story about her growing up through the Iranian revolution and coming to incredibly profound self-realizations through all her trials. She flees to Vienna and eventually comes back to Iran only to leave for France again, all the while coming into herself as the outspoken, free-thinking individual she had always been destined to be.

The movie came out last year here in the states and I have only heard of it recently. I am definitely going to see it and so should you. Having come from a war-torn country myself (big up, big up Somalia!) and found myself in the craziness and contradictions of upper middle-class America at a time when I believe so much is going on in our world culturally, politically and socially, I can't even begin to describe how long I have been waiting for a story like this to be told.

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