Monday, April 21, 2008

Paranoid Park

I recently watched Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park at a certain someone's place who gets these movies in his cable package right out of the theaters (you haven't lived until...) 

Anyway, I must admit I had been skeptical. I mean, I am a grown-ass woman, what business do I have watching some high school flick about troubled skater teens? I was unwilling, in fact, the only reason I forced myself to watch it was simply cause Van Sant made it.

But I couldn't have been more wrong! It was fantastic. Stylistically, it has to be the prettiest movie I have seen in a while. I am not a film buff, and know almost nothing about angles and different cameras/film/whatever but this movie just looked so great. It switched in and out of these shots that looked like they were done by a handheld which made the movie so intimate. The kid who plays the main character, Gabe Nevins, as you can see above, is delicious. I was the dirty old lady ogling at children and I really have no shame in admitting that. The girl from Mean Girls, (And I think she does that CW show, Gossip Girl) Taylor Momsen was in it too and she is so pretty, kinda looks like Jessica Stam. Incidentally this girl was born in 93.. these kids make me feel so old! 

Apart from the beautiful people, the story is actually interesting and follows this kid who accidentally kills a cop and struggles with his guilt and paranoia as the cops try to solve the murder case. I am clearly not doing it enough justice, and would be more descriptive if I didn't have to go get some ice cream right now - let me be, I am graduating in three weeks and need to fend off my depression. 

Catch the trailer here.

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