Sunday, May 11, 2008

Black v. Vogue, round 2

So in my conspiracy theory nature, I am assuming that Condenaste has come up with the idea for an all-black vogue in the effort to assuage the heat they've received for the Lebron/Bundchen travesty that was their April cover. By no means should the significance of such a bold statement be underestimated - the cover girl, Jourdan Dunn has been hailed as a promising rising star in the industry and Steven Meisel has taken some of the best photographs featured in countless top magazines, including Madonna's (in)famous Sex Book. Plus, where else to set a trend but in Europe, and even more so, in Italy. And the mag's reps have certainly been more vocal about their support for this venture as opposed to the ongoing silence on the part of Wintour/Leibowitz over their fuck-up. (Have I referenced that pic enough times?) But a part of me still wonders why this couldn't be done on a greater platform which reaches far more readers, such as the American version? I guess we're just going to have to stay under this vanilla ceiling for a bit longer until a wave of color forces itself through the rafters of the collective American sentiment.

UPDATE: The Times has put up a slideshow featuring some of the photos from Vogue's July issue here. It was reported that Toccara, Iman and others were included but they are not in this slideshow. Don't fret, I will find these in good time.

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