Monday, May 26, 2008

Off the mkamkamkameter yo

Or so he says on the upcoming album I had mentioned a few weeks ago. The production, as expected, is impeccable - I cannot wait to figure out what RZA samples in "You Can't Stop Me Now." And I do like the girl doing the backing vocals on "Drama." She goes by Thea and sounds a lot like Billie Holiday or Chrisette and has apparently done some work with Massive Attack.

Also, it seems like Kanye released a second video for Flashing Lights. Apparently there was also a third fairy tale version as well- this dude has way too much money to spend. 

Naturally, the model (an aspiring musician whose career will probably take off now that she is keeping Ye's company) seems to be wearing what looks a lot like an American Apparel tee - quite congruent with his newfound hipster tastes. In any case, it's a well made video: the apartment, the angles, the editing, the girl, the champagne - all flawless. I expected no less. But I still can't help but find all these things just a little pretentious. Thaz jes me.

Finally, the guys over at OKP posted some pictures of the lady Badu from her performance in D.C. It made me a little nostalgic.

Edit: See the fairy tale version here.

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