Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh No She Didn't

OK I get it, Hillary is sticking with this race until the very end. And that's fine. That's what the democratic ideal should be all about, plus the longer we go on, the better Obama looks. What's more, I love that no one is ready to concede the race and we are allowing every vote to count - that's just one of the many things I love about America. 

In all honestly, I kinda secretly like Hilary sometimes. She lived through the Lewinsky scandal, which is one of the most humiliating things I can imagine anyone having to put up with. And she's been in there, playing what for so long has been a man's game, in her cute yellow jackets. IMO, it's opponents like her that keep people on their toes - don't get me wrong, Obama is so the man but I am sure that having Hillary as an opponent is far more challenging than say a McCain or a Bush. 

But it pisses me off how big a hypocrite this race has turned her into. Latest case in point: Her last speech claims that Florida and Michigan's exclusion from the primaries is unfair. She even has the nerve to compare the voters there to disenfranchised African-Americans pre-civil rights movement -  yet another instance of her shamelessly pulling the race card. However, only MONTHS AGO, she, along with the rest of the party agreed that the two states had broken party rules and thus invalidated their place in the primaries. Stop, Hillary. Seriously. Have some dignity. Had she made these objections before, it would seem more genuine and less pandering which is what most of her campaign has consisted of. I really don't understand how people do not see this, who are these Hillary supporters??

OK, deep breaths. 

All my posts from now on will end with a shot of hope, or at least every time I find something particularly inspiring - you are right in assuming that most of them will probably be of Obama...

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