Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Is About To Get Ugly

.. so, please avert your attention if you are easily offended.

I am super pissed at all this talk about how Obama needs to reconcile the strained relationship he has with white voters. Everyone is all up in arms about this Rev. Wright/bitterness BS and coddling the white voters who, to me, sound like straight up ignorant racists. 

Allow me to support my harsh criticism of Hillary Clinton's much-coveted base. For instance, in Pennsylvania, her most consistent support came from white voters without college degrees (6 in 10), senior voters (6 in 10 again) and generally those over 40. I may be speaking from a position of privilege and calling this demographic ignorant could seem harsh, but it strikes me as incredibly unnerving that her most loyal base consists of the people who have a more vivid memory of a segregated society (and who also happened to be benefited by it at the time).

Some people may think that these characteristics are just that, and should not be taken as flaws or liabilities. That these people deserve just as much from their politicians as any other group. And I say, absolutely. It's America, no one should ever have to qualify themselves to get the right to vote - even though that that seems to be the intention of the (surprisingly underpublicized) Supreme Court decision in the case of Crawford v. Marion Election Board. I say surprisingly, but really that does not even begin to articulate my sentiments. This decision refused to recognize any constitutional flaws with Indiana's voter identification law, which to me bears too close a similarity to the Jim Crow laws of passed times.

Let me break this down for you, cause it's pretty heavy. First off, the reasons this law was put into effect are completely bogus. It has been claimed that the law would curb voter impersonation fraud - however, there has been no evidence of this ever having been a problem. In fact, in Indiana, there was NOT EVEN ONE such reported case. On the other hand, 20 million people just became potentially disenfranchised, most of whom are people of color. Just a side-note, 20% of black voters in Indiana do not currently have a valid photo ID - part of which can be accounted for by the tragic residue of an era when African-American citizens were not granted birth certificates due to similar legislation. Furthermore, almost none of the voter ID laws provide measures to help voters obtain the necessary paperwork, and these measures would be expensive enough to discourage those who knew how to go about it.

Infraction #3 against black voters: As reported by The Root, In North Carolina and other states, an organization with very strong ties to the Clinton campaign, Women's Voices, Women Vote, has been targeting black communities with automated anonymous calls from a man calling himself "Lamont Williams," suggesting that already registered voters are not registered and need to complete additional steps to vote legally. Will no one stop this woman??

Ultimately, it seems to me, that in this farce of transcending race, black people have been grossly neglected even though they have consistently provided the Democratic party with its most loyal base. When will the people get tired of being taken for granted and take their business elsewhere? From the whispers I have been hearing, it could only be a matter of time until we call it quits. Especially if we have to hear anything more about Jeremiah Wright and how he doesn't fit into the Acceptable Black mold.

Sigh.. I need to watch something uplifting...

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