Friday, May 9, 2008

The Ting Tings

I am actually embarrassed to have only learned of The Ting Tings now that they have been featured on the Apple ad, but let's chalk that one up to the many distractions my senior year has consisted of.

In any case, they are a rather lackluster band with maybe one or two great songs - I personally am a fan of the apple-featured song, "Shut Up And Let Me Go" but some think otherwise. The Manchester, UK based duo is certainly not lacking in personality - vocalist/guitarist/drummer Katie White is just as good a front(wo)man as any one else, and she's pretty too. And their flaw isn't in their incredibly catchy yet refreshingly original beats - they are rhythmically mesmerizing. My problem with them is that their lyrics seem rather silly and I find myself wishing that White was one of those singers you could barely understand so that her voice was more of an instrument. And they are just missing something else, I can't quite my finger on what that is yet.

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