Friday, June 13, 2008

Fair and Balanced?

So, we all know that the idiots over at Fox news are sensationalists, but I take serious issue with their carelessness considering they have a national audience. 

Case in point: yesterday, Michelle Malkin was on talking about how Michelle Obama was fair game in the political back-and-forths as a nominee's wife as long as pundits/critics do not make personal attacks. Fine, whatever, it's her opinion and really I have no problem with that. I personally think that those are just distractions from the real issues we need to be discussing when choosing who will be the next president of the country, but that's just me.

In any case, I was watching the piece, wincing at the sham they are running over there at FOX when I read the little by-lines (if that's what they are called). See for yourself here if you haven't already.

Did they really label Michelle Obama as "Obama's Baby Mama??" Fox has no right to use the term in referring to Mrs. Obama. I had started this post off thinking that they had no grounds to say that about specifically her but that only legitimizes the term, making it seem OK to refer to other people in that way. 

The real problem here is that this is just another instance when mainstream media misused what it perceives to be the language of a minority group in a thinly veiled attempt to claim power over the culture's identity - see Don Imus or Paul Dawson. Whether or not a woman and a man are lawfully wed and their children legitimate are all irrelevant factors - this is not only a racial insult, it is a sexist insult directed at the woman's sexuality and integrity and in this case it is a personal insult against Mrs. Obama - particularly ironic considering Malkin's comments. 

How many times will Fox get away with making such  faux pas (and that is an understatement if there ever was one) on Mrs. Obama - this is only months after O'Riley made his "lynching party" comment. How are we letting this happen? Surely, this attack would not be made against a man, or a white person. In the world today, what is there left to overcome so that men might finally be equal?

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