Sunday, June 15, 2008

Same Tune, Different Dance

Last year's Persepolis was certainly one of my favorite movies. I watched it with my room mate at the time and it touched us both deeply, I think we both even cried (no judgement!). We loved that it was told not only from a woman's perspective, but that she exposed the tensions and triumphs of being an immigrant and an expatriate of a less-than-perfect country. Plus it was gorgeous, the b/w hand-drawn animations were so effective that the movie manages to straddle the delicate balance  of fantasy and reality, all the while pushing the limits of memory and exploring its effects on identity.

So you can only imagine my excitement/apprehension when I heard about this year's much talked about animated film, Waltz With Bashir. However, its medium is one of the very few things the film has in common with Persepolis as UK Sunday Times' critic, Wendy Ide, points out in her review. Ide goes on to describe it as a "potent, deeply personal antiwar film" and from what I can gather, it tells the story of an Israeli veteran of the first Lebanon war, where Palestinian refugees were massacred. 

I am excited for obvious reasons, its "color palette of brooding slate blues and angry ambers" looks just beautiful from the clips I have seen and the premises offers a unique perspective into a conflict that many of us have lived with all our lives but stil can't really figure out - at least I know I personally can't really understand the brutality and senseless killing that is going on in the Middle East.

 My only reservation, ironically, comes from just that strength - can the movie fairly tell the whole truth of an obviously complicated conflict? I do realize, however, that's an unreasonable expectation but I do also hope that filmmaker Ari Folman stays true to at least himself and considers all the complications that a conflict like this one undoubtedly consists of. OK, enough of that... Vernica Webb is on TV and you know I am all about diva worship.

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