Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Wackness

Far be it from me to question the legitimacy of someone's association with Hip-Hop, but sometimes, you just have to wonder. So this movie, The Wackness, is due out soon, if it isn't already playing at a theater near you. There have been good reviews, and there have been bad ones. And in all honesty, I am half tempted to see it, or just clips of it, if only to see Ben Kingsley aka Gandhi hitting a bong and making out with Marykate/Ashley Olsen. 

O, and to make matters worse, if there really can be degrees of awfulness, there is apparently an accompanying book due out in a few days. You know, in case the mastery of The Wackness is lost on those insipid movie goers who just don't know art when they see it.

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