Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blues People

I've been meaning to link over to Mark Anthony Neal's post on Vibe about Lil Wayne and almost forgot about it until I saw that someone beat me to it! 

I decided to do it anyway cause I have recently been reconsidering the blues aesthetic and its modern incarnations and also because the article takes an academic approach to Lil Wayne, which is a refreshing respite from the discussions people usually have on the man. In the piece, Neal compares Phelps' fave Lil Wayne to John Coltrane, citing the two artists' ability to "find alternative registers for what has clearly been a life lived in absurdity and pain" as evidence for his claim. It is a succint article and Neal, as always, offers more information than you would need to appreciate his argument. It's that kind of thoroughness that has always made him a valuable reference in almost all matters.

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