Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Funny Money

My old room at college had quite the view - we opened right onto a super busy street and faced into the frat houses at the opposite end, which meant that your typical panorama included a variety of half-naked bros, the occasional prez motorcade, and hordes of spring/summer tourists.  

While the novelty of recognizing whose butt we just spotted soon wore off (well, not really), the one thing that never failed to elicit shock and awe was the super tricked out car that occupied what was understood to be the street's prime parking spot. The car: a gold-rimmed/grilled Escalade with more stuff going on than I really am qualified to recognize/describe. The spot: right in the middle of the street & required parallel parking so the driver had ample opportunity to demonstrate (a) all gleaming angles of his car as he twisted and turned into the narrow space and (b) the necessary parking skills it took to do so. And the lucky driver: this kid, B, who had established himself as the school's resident rapper/producer and stood out from the other over-privileged kids because he came from a country that was as fascinating to us all as it is to the NYT and Wapo.

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