Friday, August 15, 2008

War of the Worlds

American foreign/military policy is so flawed it amazes me. Maybe I am being naive, but I don't understand why on earth America thinks it is OK for us to site missiles in Poland, and at the same time place incredibly strict restrictions on other nations' rights to do the same. I am not implying that Putin and Ahmedinejad et al. are faultless but by acting hypocritically, aren't we just setting the stage for a "global economic disruption?"

I also want to know why it is OK for Israel to sell arms to Georgia. This only exacerbated an already tense situation and shouldn't we be focussing on some sort of diplomatic tactic instead? From what I understand, South Ossetia has been trying to break away from Georgia for some time, and Russia interfered (with self-serving intentions), taking advantage of the tension to undermine Georgia's power. Georgia is not a hapless victim either, despite Saakashvili's shows of utter pusillanimity, cause apparently, "ethnic minorities in South Ossetia & Abkhazia have been chafing under Georgian rule and have asked for Russian help." 

I am going to refrain from making any further conclusions, just cause I don't think I know enough and the situation seems way too complicated to definitively lay blame on just one side but it seems to me that everyone benefitted in some way or another (Russia flexed some muscle, Georgia acted the part of innocent victim and champion of liberal/democratic ideals, Israeli arms dealers made bank) at the expense of the 2000+ people who lost their lives.

Also, as a side note, since America insists on pursuing its hegemony over other countries, I think it's only fair that we reconsider our election process.

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