Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was 10 and Crazy Back Then

I kid you not, there was a time when the New Kids on the Block meant the world to me. I was in primary school and somewhere between Sweet Valley High and Mills & Boon, I even read their book and enjoyed it. I cringe at the memories and really, every time I think derisive evil thoughts about the girls who lose their minds today over the ubiquitous Jonas Bros etc, I remind myself that it was not so long ago that I too was a blubbering idiot. That may be a little harsh for some but I was as rabid a fan as they came. There were rumors that people had collected their sweaty towels from concerts and had we been ebay savvy, I am sure that my fellow devotees and I would have pooled our resources to pay for just one heady whiff. We organized a fan club and poured our hearts out in ernest missives, sending them to the address the band had so graciously provided on the back pages of their book. Even with the expensive postage rates (we were after all sending them from Kenya), no sacrifice was too great. 

Sometimes I wish I had had more sophisticated tastes, but looking back, I would have hated to miss out on that prepubescent thrill we enjoyed every time we saw/heard/dreamed of NKOTB, "castrato-cooed Ooohs" and all. This is probably not something I would openly admit without the anonymity that this blog allows me, but I don't think I could have found a better alternative at the time - even in Tolkien and Dostoevsky - and my writing has probably suffered for it. 

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