Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadaan Kareem

"Palestinians decorate the covered passages of Jerusalem's Old City as the holy Muslim month of Ramadan begins."

So I missed the first day of fasting and started today and it's turning out OK. One of the best things about Ramadan is the Iftar, when we break the fast, and Daku (that's what we call it in Swahili I am not sure what it's called in other languages), when we eat the last meal before day breaks and the fasting begins. I don't like these times cause of the food alone (even though when I was younger I was sure I wanted to marry a date farmer) but because of all the memories I have of eating with my family and that sense of accomplishment you get after having spent an entire day without eating. I am not that religious, and there are certainly many things I do not ascribe to within the Muslim faith, but I do like a lot of the cultural mores that go with it and the sense of community and place. The older I have grown (and this may also have to do with my relocation to America) the more aware I have become of a global Muslim community and seeing this picture of the Palestinians observing Ramadan in spite of the hardship they live with every day only reinforces this sensibility.

This series of pics was interesting so I stayed at BBC browsing their other stories when I came across their ethnic segment here. I haven't really looked at all of it and I don't have time to right now but I'm bracing myself.

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