Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another African Line

Junya Watanabe, of Comme des Garçons fame, showed an African-inspired line at the Paris Fashion Week. Apart from the elaborate head pieces, the line also features body-part print details such as lips and eyes and has generally been received positively (am I to assume from the Fader title that Watanabe has previously been to Africa? Or is this a misused allusion to the early American movement? Oh, you hipsters and your empty/ironic cultural signifiers). 

I don't know - I am kinda tired of talking about appropriation / exoticism, plus I really do not know enough about Watanabe to make any comments - so I think I will refrain from doing this until I learn more about him. I will say one thing though - this whole Africa-as-one-entity stuff needs to get cut from our psyche.

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