Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baz Luhrmann's Australia

There's the tourism commercial which I first saw and gagged at and a movie, which I haven't seen but remain just as skeptical of, especially because they look so damn similar - they even use the same actor. And I thought Moulin Rouge! was bad. I honestly can't believe how these presumably educated and cultured people don't catch the exoticism (and misogyny - what's up with the broken woman in that ad who needs to take a chill pill and be rescued?) they indulge in when making this stuff up. Maybe I am just being cranky and need a magical Aborigine to sprinkle some dust on me and take me to the land of Oz. Or maybe someone needs to tip Luhrmann off on what's really important about Australia.

Oh, and by the way, trusty Annie Liebovitz shot the picture above along with a few others in honor of the film. The caption for this gem: "Ever dressed for the ocassion, Lady Sarah travels farther into the outback on a supply truck piled high with her belongings. Salvatore Ferragamo for Australia boots."

And, AND, speaking of which, while we arrange for Luhrmann and Liebovitz to get some help with their escapist delusions, can we also sign up the staff of the NYT Travel section?

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