Friday, October 3, 2008

I Called Her Mahogany

"In an ode to the cult classic film, supermodel Tyra Banks and rising star Sessilee relive the high-octane glam looks of the '70s."

In other news (I'm sure if I think hard enough I will find a way to make a more graceful segue), Moe Tkacik (Moe-hogany?) aka Slut Machine (Moe-whore-gany? Is that too crass?)  loses her place at Gawker. Does this have any bearing on my life? Hmm, not really... but I will admit to being perversely interested in these college dropout types (no dis/respect intended) and how they go about the world. Plus, Moe - in spite of those comments to the contrary - seems like a decent enough person, and is entertaining even when she is being bitchy. Still, Denton's retrenchings happen often enough to make this a non-event and I guess Moe will be fine with her Radar job. I mean, Gould doesn't seem to be fairing too badly in her post-Gawker life. But then she did graduate from college, putting her more in line with all those sad young literary men. Sigh... where was I going with this?

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