Monday, November 16, 2009

I've been going through the worst streak of bad luck over the past couple of months.

First, the summer ended and all the frolicking and merriment came to a screeching halt.


I totaled my car and got into a ton of legal beef that I am still trying to figure out.


Worst possible scenario. I can't even talk about it. It's making me call my religious beliefs (or lack thereof) into question. I feel like I'd unwittingly upset the moral balance of life and now have to pay for it.

THEN, I took this fake "promotion" at the office which ended up being twice as much work and not nearly as much pay.

Plus they're doing some serious lay-offs (even my prez got the axe. yikes.) so I am constantly nervous about losing my miserable job. Which prompted me to clear my already bare cubicle down to the basic necessities - I'm talking coffee mug and a pack of gum - so if that day comes, I can just pack up and leave in less than five minutes. Avoid a long awkward exit like the one ole' president had.

Life is hard.

And now I don't have my Jon Hamm shrine in the top drawer to get me through it.

I've also bummed out really bad in the romance dept. Complete catastrophe.

For whatever reason (I am thinking my qi probably just got out of whack with everything else that's been going on), things got incredibly uncomfortable with The Summer Boy and that had to end. Which sucks cause he had the BEST shampoo.

There was a little glimmer of hope with a couple of prospective Winter Snugglers but that was soon extinguished when one turned out to be a father (no judgement, but there's just something too real about hanging out with a man that has actually impregnated a woman. I was constantly terrified that his ambitious gametes were out to get me. And I already had too much to be paranoid about. I mean, really) and the other a 34-yr old man which was a deal breaker for me cause I'm trying so hard to cling to my fading youth and couldn't bear the thought that I might actually be old enough to date someone that far removed from it.

And of course there are the regular day-to-day agonies of living in Atlanta that I just can't go into for the sake of my sanity.

To stave off the depression, I've been eating out a lot... which has its good & bad sides. I've gained about 5000 pounds thanks to Top Flr - the DJ/owner is cute enough to warrant the spelling. Seriously cute. Go now and see for yourself.

Where was I... right, their fat-drenched (but so worth it) duck confit gnocchi.

This and all the other indulgences at my favorite Atlanta eateries gave me reason to start working out again. Or at least consider it.

My mother keeps reminding me of her sister -- skinny through most of her early twenties and then just suddenly blew up when she hit 26. So I know it's in my genes. Voy a explotar. It's just too much.

But I guess it's not all been too bad... I've had more time to catch up on my reading / film watching. So that's something to be glad about.

I read something (it may have been in O magazine... desperate times) about winter hardships reaping greater benefits in the long run. I think they were talking about horticulture but I'm taking whatever I can get.

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