Monday, July 5, 2010

I don't think I would ever say that my four years in DC were the best of my life but I do miss them. I miss the girls, even though I know they probably don't see it that way. I miss our naps, our adventures, just our everyday living. I miss U street, M street, G street. I even miss J street. Sometimes I want to jump on a plane and surprise everyone. Just show up, say hello, grab a drink at Lucky bar, a lunch cocktail at Leopold, meet for brunch at Levante's or at the french place in Georgetown. Free a grasshopper from what's his face's townhouse. Watch the boys play at Rock & Roll. I want to sit around in Brody & Zach's front yard w/ some 40s, pretend to do homework at Busboys & Poets. Do people still do these things? I try not to think of it but sometimes I can't help myself.

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